Creating Your Year In Review

Spend a few hours with a notebook in a place you feel safe and comfortable. It might help to get yourself in the right mood by doing some mediation or taking a walk beforehand. I like to spend a few days leading up to this at the end of the year, getting mentally in the zone for what the next year might hold. I like to look back on the previous year with a healthy perspective, not one of negative criticism.

This is what I usually include in my Year in Review document. I have started keeping this since 2015 and it is nice to look back on these each year to see how much I have accomplished.

Start by taking out a notebook and making some lists. Then once you have some short lists. Start writing free-form on the last few topics with a goal of 1-2 pages. This is so that you can jog your memory prior to the free form writing in case you might come up blank.

Please respond in the comments with any feedback or one what has worked for you!

Short lists prior to free-form:

  • Big Accomplishments
  • Things grateful for
  • People who have helped you progress
  • Disappointments
  • Areas for improvement
  • Personal development skills focused on
  • Books read

Free-form writing of 1-2 pages:

  • What things happened?
  • What path did I walk?
  • Did I meet potential?
  • Did I grow as an individual?
  • Did I define my designed future?
  • Where do I want to be?
  • What do I want to accomplish so I can look back and say I had a tremendous year?