Honey Life


Ever wonder why people love vacationing and traveling so much? Well it’s more than just having the time off. It’s savoring the moments that we forget to do in our daily lives. Memories are made from those moments, moments when life slows like honey just enough to stick up your gears and open your senses to the surroundings, the breeze, the light, the dark, and those you love’s enjoyable or not so enjoyable idiosyncrasies. You are only a cog in the wheel if you let yourself reside there. Your mind is infinite and gone unchecked it can create pain that just doesn’t need to be there. So, if (not if, when) you find yourself driving and thinking incessantly worrying or making sure you have something figured out, just remember, it will all be okay, breath, put down the window, listen to the sounds, feel the air and unfurrow your brow, because this moment will never be again, why not remember it instead of your worries. Trust me, if your like most, you won’t remember your worries anyways.

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