What is something you tell yourself that stops you from being great? Is it a story like “That dream is too bold, who am I to try to be/do that?”..

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PRACTICE MISFORTUNE. This week, try one of these ways to intentionally “Get uncomfortable”. This is stoicism, a set of techniques to get the..

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How I turn negative online comments into positive offline conversations

My favorite new habit (started yesterday) is to watch 1 TED talk a day. Today I learned that empathizing with someone I disagree with doesn’t..

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Photos from Year of No Fear's post

Get uncomfortable. Enjoy this feeling. Break the rules, your rules. This includes other people’s rules that limit you; question them and if you..

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Envision Your Future Self • Year of No Fear

Where are you in the 4 step system? Have you started your #yearofnofear? (Spoiler, there is not just one year, this is every year, don’t let..

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