Overcome fears with intention

Overcome fears with intention!

Year of No Fear is a blog for you to read tips and learn techniques like mindfulness, self-improvement, and goal-setting to overcome limiting fears that hinder becoming your future self. 

I started my first year of no fear in 2016 a few months after a friend asked me to come to an outdoor festival.

As I searched in my mind’s eye for a moment, I envisioned a scared version of myself, afraid of crowds, afraid of being uncomfortable with being different than people there, and seeing a stark relationship emerge between my fears and my freedom.

I was not free to make this choice then, my fears decided I couldn’t go.

Now two years later, I make the choices. And I am becoming more free everyday. I realized that to overcome some of these fears wouldn’t necessarily be in line with the intentional lifestyle of the projection to my future self but parts of these fears could be broken down and worked through just the same. This is what I mean by overcome fears with intention; don’t just overcome any fear, seek out the ones that are blocking your from getting to where you want to be.

I included the clip below from a radio show of Nina Kraviz and Bjarki talking about inspiration because this means a lot for Year of No Fear in many ways.

“Do you ever make something you think is complete bullocks?”

“I feel like everything I make is bullocks. And I really like it.”

We are very complex and nothing will satisfy every part of us.

Also, fail fast; trying on a new version of yourself will feel awkward. Give yourself permission to fail and laugh at yourself.

“You shouldn’t be focused on making only one thing…I just make whatever I want to … listen to.”

Variety is the spice of living. Keep your mind open to inspirations and let them flow through you continuously or only at certain times if you wish.

“Imagine if you had two brains.” “I’ve always thought three is actually better. Two working and one is just observing.”

There must exist an element of mindfulness that allows you to observe yourself in order to identify your limiting fears, initially and as you progress throughout the year.

“It has no structure. And people are really focused on how things should sound and what is allowed and what is not allowed. I really like to make music that is breaking all these kinds of rules and making people feel uncomfortable.

“When I feel uncomfortable, that’s exactly the prolific time. When something’s not going right emotionally.”

Get uncomfortable. Enjoy this feeling. Break the rules, your rules. These includes other people’s rules that limit you; question them and if you need to be subject to them.

“It’s incorrect to plan or think about it too much. If you think about it, it’s over.”

Another important thing to add is the right balance of spontaneity and planning. While it is important to Overcome fears with intention, it is also to leave freedom for the unexpected, often we learn so much from stepping outside our assumed boundaries.